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Those who seek truth find it

2 Timothy 2:15



Thomas Farling has been a pastor/teacher for over 38 years and carries a Master of Theology degree with Vision University in Ramona California.  He is a part of the Executive Presbytery team of the "Five-Fold Fellowship Network" in Indiana.  Presented below are varying topics from the Bible that he has created.

"I would love to come be with you

and present the word of God through

a message, Pictorial PowerPoint or seminar"

Tom Farling
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It has been said that, "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Pictures help people engage, while making the material easier to learn and easier to remember.  The teachings below have accompanying power points with worksheets.

Undeniable Evidence the Bible is the Word of God - wix
3 Baptisms for Every Believer - wix
The Revelation Time Line - wix
The Five Works of the Holy Spirit - wix
The Hostory of the Nation of Israel - wix
Five Earthquakes of the Tribulation - wix
The Seven Dispensations - wix
The Seven Stages of the Earth - wix
The Times of the Gentiles - full size
30 Extra Days of Tribulation - Wix
The Ultimate Generation of man - wix
Key Verse to the Whole Bible - wix
Salvation - wix
God's Stopwatch - wix
12 Tribes of Israel - wix
Real Life - wix
Book of Revelation
Undeniable Evidence the Bible is the Word of God
Bible Teachings Pictorial

The seminar covers four topics and is focused in moving a person from a spectator to a participator in the plans of God.  Using power points, special videos and a study guide, each person will be presented with life changing truths from God's word.  Each person will be challenged to look at their own life and decide if it is the "real abundant life” that God intended. ​

Discipleship Seminar

Discipleship seminar

All teachings can be tailored to fit your needs and the time frames you desire.  They can be presented in a one-time experience such as a message or short Bible study or a more in-depth study as a series with multiple sessions. ​

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