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Introduction to Salvation
The Goal of Salvation
The Old Nature
The New Nature
Evidence of the New Nature

This teaching has five separate parts, all covering the topic of Salvation.  It has eighty-five slides and a worksheet to help each person progressively learn this topic.  This teaching makes a great series and can be tailored to fit your needs and the time frames you desire.  This series can be presented in a short week-end, on Saturday, or each session can be taught on different days.  Excluding the short intro, each of the four main sessions take approximately 20 minutes each.  They can be presented in a one-time experience, such as a message, a Bible study, or be more in-depth as a series with multiple sessions.

Two Possible Directions in Life

D e t a i l  V i e w 

Worksheet - Two Possiable Directions in Life

W o r k s h e e t 

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